• Right Angle
  • SMD
  • 4.6x1.8x3.5mm
  • Gullwing Termination
  • Case Spec: LCP,White
  • Knob Spec: LCP,Black
  • Terminal Spec: Phosphor Bronze,Ag Plated
  • Travel:0.2mm
  • Force:160gf/250gf
  • Life:100,000 cycles
  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical appliances
  • Industrial electronics
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The characteristics of TACT Switch are high stability, wide operating temperature range, long service life and more. TACT Switch can be customized into small and thin, but at the same time, it can still maintain high durability and feel of operation. There is a shrapnel inside every tact switch. By pressing the button which connects to the shrapnel, it can connect or disconnect the electric current.

We provide both common (vertical, right angle, DIP, SMT, depth for sink, etc) and unique (Double-layer button, with LED, Radial, etc) types.

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