We are proud of our environmental, social, and governance initiatives

As a global company, we are devoted to protecting the environment. We care for our employees and the communities in which we live and work for. We continually strengthen our governance to conform to best practices. We consider security from many different aspects, such as physical, information, cyber, environmental security, and the safety of our employees and customers. Our ESG program - Planet, People and Performance is dedicated to protecting our most valuable assets, including our environment, the communities in which we operate, and our employees around the world.


Our company has established a strict management system for energy consumption, waste discharge, the use and storage of water and chemicals, and the health and safety of employees' working environment. There are NO restricted substances used in our products and 100% comply with the requirements of laws and regulations.

Labor and human rights

Our company is people-oriented. We respect the rights and interests of our employees, human rights, and employee career management. We are against employment discrimination and forced labor. We support free associations which are permitted by law. We ensure the working hours, wages, and benefits comply with regulatory requirements and protect the employees by providing a healthy and safe work environment.

Business ethics

Our company endeavors to sustain philosophies of honesty, transparency, and responsibility, and base policies on the principle of good faith. We protect intellectual property rights, fair trade. We actively participate in public welfare undertakings, and against illegitimate interests and unfair business competition.

Sustainable procurement

Our company has established a complete supplier management system and strict management policies for the purchase of materials and services.

Health and safety

We put the health and safety of employees first, and adhere to the principle of prevention. We continuously improve the working environment and meet the requirements of laws and regulations.